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    BrE BrE//ɪnˈsensəbl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪnˈsensəbl//
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  1. 1[not before noun] insensible (to something) unable to feel something or react to it insensible to pain/cold
  2. 2[not before noun] insensible (of something) not aware of a situation or of something that might happen synonym unaware They were not insensible of the risks. opposite sensible
  3. 3unconscious as the result of injury, illness, etc. He drank himself insensible. More Like This Words that look like opposites, but aren’t different/​indifferent, interested/​disinterested, famous/​infamous, flammable/​inflammable, savoury/​unsavoury, sensible/​insensible, valuable/​invaluableSee worksheet.
  4. Word Originlate Middle English (also in the senses ‘unable to be perceived’ and ‘incapable of physical sensation’): partly from Old French insensible (from Latin insensibilis, from in- ‘not’ + sensibilis, from sensus ‘sense’), partly from in- ‘not’ + sensible.
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