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    BrE BrE//ˈɪntɪmət//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈɪntɪmət//
    Romance, Friends
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  1. 1(of people) having a close and friendly relationship intimate friends We're not on intimate terms with our neighbours. See related entries: Romance, Friends
  2. 2private and personal, often in a sexual way The article revealed intimate details about his family life. the most intimate parts of her body
  3. 3(of a place or situation) encouraging close, friendly relationships, sometimes of a sexual nature an intimate restaurant He knew an intimate little bar where they would not be disturbed.
  4. 4(of knowledge) very detailed and thorough an intimate knowledge of the English countryside
  5. 5(of a link between things) very close an intimate connection between class and educational success
  6. 6intimate (with somebody) (formal or law) having a sexual relationship with somebody More Like This Pronunciation changes by part of speech abuse, alternate, advocate, approximate, contract, converse, convict, decrease, delegate, discount, duplicate, estimate, export, extract, graduate, import, intimate, moderate, object, permit, present, protest, record, refund, refuse, subject, suspect, survey, torment, upgradeSee worksheet.
  7. Word Originadjective early 17th cent. (as a noun): from late Latin intimatus, past participle of Latin intimare ‘impress, make familiar’, from intimus ‘inmost’.
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