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    BrE BrE//ɪnˈvestmənt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪnˈvestmənt//
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  1. 1  [uncountable] the act of investing money in something to encourage foreign investment investment income investment in something This country needs investment in education. CollocationsThe economyManaging the economy handle/​run/​manage the economy boost investment/​spending/​employment/​growth stimulate demand/​the economy/​industry cut/​reduce investment/​spending/​borrowing reduce/​curb/​control/​keep down inflation create/​fuel growth/​demand/​a boom/​a bubble encourage/​foster/​promote/​stimulate/​stifle innovation/​competition encourage/​work with/​compete with the private sector increase/​boost/​promote US/​agricultural exports ban/​restrict/​block cheap/​foreign imports the economy grows/​expands/​shrinks/​contracts/​slows (down)/recovers/​improves/​is booming enjoy an economic/​housing/​property boomEconomic problems push up/​drive up prices/​costs/​inflation damage/​hurt/​destroy industry/​the economy cause/​lead to/​go into/​avoid/​escape recession experience/​suffer a recession/​downturn fight/​combat inflation/​deflation/​unemployment cause/​create inflation/​poverty/​unemployment create/​burst a housing/​stock market bubble cause/​trigger a stock market crash/​the collapse of the banking system face/​be plunged into a financial/​an economic crisis be caught in/​experience cycles of boom and bustPublic finance cut/​reduce/​slash/​increase/​double the defence/(especially US English) defense/​education/​aid budget increase/​boost/​slash/​cut public spending increase/​put up/​raise/​cut/​lower/​reduce taxes raise/​cut/​lower/​reduce interest rates ease/​loosen/​tighten monetary policy balance the (state/​federal) budget achieve/​maintain a balanced budget run a ($4 trillion) budget deficit/​surplus See related entries: Economy
  2. 2  [countable] the money that you invest, or the thing that you invest in a minimum investment of $10 000 a high return on my investments Our investments are not doing well. We bought the house as an investment (= to make money). CollocationsBusinessRunning a business buy/​acquire/​own/​sell a company/​firm/​franchise set up/​establish/​start/​start up/​launch a business/​company run/​operate a business/​company/​franchise head/​run a firm/​department/​team make/​secure/​win/​block a deal expand/​grow/​build the business boost/​increase investment/​spending/​sales/​turnover/​earnings/​exports/​trade increase/​expand production/​output/​sales boost/​maximize production/​productivity/​efficiency/​income/​revenue/​profit/​profitability achieve/​maintain/​sustain growth/​profitability cut/​reduce/​bring down/​lower/​slash costs/​prices announce/​impose/​make cuts/​cutbacksSales and marketing break into/​enter/​capture/​dominate the market gain/​grab/​take/​win/​boost/​lose market share find/​build/​create a market for something start/​launch an advertising/​a marketing campaign develop/​launch/​promote a product/​website create/​generate demand for your product attract/​get/​retain/​help customers/​clients drive/​generate/​boost/​increase demand/​sales beat/​keep ahead of/​out-think/​outperform the competition meet/​reach/​exceed/​miss sales targetsFinance draw up/​set/​present/​agree/​approve a budget keep to/​balance/​cut/​reduce/​slash the budget be/​come in below/​under/​over/​within budget generate income/​revenue/​profit/​funds/​business fund/​finance a campaign/​a venture/​an expansion/​spending/​a deficit provide/​raise/​allocate capital/​funds attract/​encourage investment/​investors recover/​recoup costs/​losses/​an investment get/​obtain/​offer somebody/​grant somebody credit/​a loan apply for/​raise/​secure/​arrange/​provide financeFailure lose business/​trade/​customers/​sales/​revenue accumulate/​accrue/​incur/​run up debts suffer/​sustain enormous/​heavy/​serious losses face cuts/​a deficit/​redundancy/​bankruptcy file for/ (North American English) enter/​avoid/​escape bankruptcy (British English) go into administration/​liquidation liquidate/​wind up a company survive/​weather a recession/​downturn propose/​seek/​block/​oppose a merger launch/​make/​accept/​defeat a takeover bid See related entries: Economy
  3. 3  [countable] a thing that is worth buying because it will be useful or helpful A microwave is a good investment.
  4. 4[uncountable, countable] the act of giving time or effort to a particular task in order to make it successful The project has demanded considerable investment of time and effort.
  5. Extra examples Bonds should be part of your investment portfolio. He lost a lot of money through poor investments. He was making a living from his real estate investments. I don’t really like modern art but I bought it as an investment. I had made a personal investment in time and energy. I’m hoping for a good return on my investment. Investment flows dropped sharply and the region’s growth halted. Investment income is subject to different tax rules. It took two years before I recouped my investment. My investment yielded almost 20% annually. She felt the time was right to realize her investment, and sold all her shares. She sees art as a long-term investment strategy. The country’s infrastructure is crumbling because of inadequate investment. The president has called for massive investment to rebuild the country’s economy. We can help you identify investment opportunities. When buying shares, it’s wise to spread your investment over several companies. a business plan to encourage new investment an initial investment of $5 million inadequate investment levels investment from American pension funds investment in local industry losses made on investments in stocks and bonds parents’ emotional investment in their children private investment in the health service The area is trying to attract £11 million of private investment to stimulate the local economy. The country needs massive government investment in education. We bought the house as an investment. We made an initial investment of $10 000.
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