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BrE BrE//ɪˈreləvənt//
; NAmE NAmE//ɪˈreləvənt//
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not important to or connected with a situation totally/completely/largely irrelevant irrelevant remarks Whether I believe you or not is irrelevant now. irrelevant to something/somebody That evidence is irrelevant to the case. Many people consider politics irrelevant to their lives. opposite relevantExtra examples It’s all irrelevant to me. Ludicrously irrelevant thoughts swarmed in her head. The UN is becoming increasingly irrelevant. The matter is strictly irrelevant at this point in the proceedings. These arguments were dismissed as irrelevant. These issues are largely irrelevant and distract us from attending to the real questions. This argument is entirely irrelevant to the question of who is right. As far as the law is concerned it is irrelevant that the two divisions are part of one company. It’s totally irrelevant whether I’m married or not. Many people consider politics to be irrelevant to their lives. Please keep all irrelevant remarks to yourself.
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