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  1. 1the action or result of criticism
  2. 2the state or quality of heroism
  3. 3the teaching, system or movement of Buddhism
  4. 4unfair treatment or hatred for the reason mentioned racism
  5. 5a feature of language of the type mentioned an Americanism a colloquialism
  6. 6a medical condition or disease alcoholism More Like This Suffixes -able, -age, -al, -ance, -ant, -arian, -ary, -dom, -ee, -er, -ese, -esque, -ess, -fold, -ful, -hood, -ify, -ion, -ish, -ism, -ist, -ista, -ite, -itis, -ize, -less, -let, -ling, -ly, -ment, -most, -ness, -oid, -or, -ous, -shipSee worksheet.
  7. Word Originfrom French -isme, via Latin from Greek -ismos, -isma.
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