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    BrE BrE//ˌaɪsəˈleɪʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˌaɪsəˈleɪʃn//
    [uncountable] Loneliness, Ailments and diseases, Being ill
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  1. 1the act of separating somebody/something; the state of being separate geographical isolation an isolation hospital/ward (= for people with infectious diseases) isolation (from somebody/something) The country has been threatened with complete isolation from the international community unless the atrocities stop. He lives in splendid isolation (= far from, or in a superior position to, everyone else). the isolation of the polio virus See related entries: Ailments and diseases, Being ill
  2. 2isolation (from somebody/something) the state of being alone or lonely Many unemployed people experience feelings of isolation and depression. See related entries: Loneliness
  3. Word Originmid 19th cent.: from isolate, partly on the pattern of French isolation.Extra examples Many immigrants experience isolation. The country could face international isolation if it does not withdraw its troops. The figures should not be looked at in isolation but as part of a pattern. The tower stands in splendid isolation on the cliff edge. the enforced isolation of life in an Arctic weather station the social isolation of single mothers at home with their babies He lives in splendid isolation. He was taken to an isolation hospital. Her social isolation was made worse by her inability to drive. Isolation from family and friends also contributes to their problems. She had difficulties coping with the strain and isolation of being a single parent. an isolation hospital/​wardIdioms
    in isolation (from somebody/something)
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    separately; alone To make sense, these figures should not be looked at in isolation. Words are pronounced differently in isolation from how they are pronounced in context.
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