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BrE BrE//ˈkɪlɪŋ//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈkɪlɪŋ//
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  •  an act of killing somebody deliberately synonym murder brutal killings CollocationsCrimeCommitting a crime commit a crime/​a murder/​a violent assault/​a brutal killing/​an armed robbery/​fraud be involved in terrorism/​a suspected arson attack/​people smuggling/​human trafficking engage/​participate in criminal activity/​illegal practices/​acts of mindless vandalism steal somebody’s wallet/​purse/(British English) mobile phone/(North American English) cell phone rob a bank/​a person/​a tourist break into/ (British English) burgle/ (North American English) burglarize a house/​a home/​an apartment hijack a plane/​ship/​bus smuggle drugs/​weapons/​arms/​immigrants launder drug money (through something) forge documents/​certificates/​passports take/​accept/​pay somebody/​offer (somebody) a bribe run a phishing/​an email/​an Internet scamFighting crime combat/​fight crime/​terrorism/​corruption/​drug trafficking prevent/​stop credit-card fraud/​child abuse/​software piracy deter/​stop criminals/​burglars/​thieves/​shoplifters/​vandals reduce/​tackle/​crack down on knife/​gun/​violent/​street crime; (especially British English) antisocial behaviour foil a bank raid/​a terrorist plot help/​support/​protect the victims of crimeInvestigating crime report a crime/​a theft/​a rape/​an attack/(especially British English) an incident to the police witness the crime/​attack/​murder/​incident investigate a murder/(especially North American English) a homicide/​a burglary/​a robbery/​the alleged incident conduct/​launch/​pursue an investigation (into…); (especially British English) a police/​murder inquiry investigate/​reopen a criminal/​murder case examine/​investigate/​find fingerprints at the crime scene/​the scene of crime collect/​gather forensic evidence uncover new evidence/​a fraud/​a scam/​a plot/​a conspiracy/​political corruption/​a cache of weapons describe/​identify a suspect/​the culprit/​the perpetrator/​the assailant/​the attacker question/​interrogate a suspect/​witness solve/​crack the case see also mercy killing
  • Extra examples How can they justify the killing of innocent people? Investors are set to make a killing from the sell-off. It is difficult to prevent such killings. No motive for the killing has yet been established. Should the law allow mercy killing? The Mafia ordered the killing. The sentenced man had denied the killings. This was the fourth mass killing in Australia in four years. a brutal revenge killing a resolution condemning the killing of Palestinian civilians a verdict of unlawful killing the cold-blooded killing of a defenceless woman the killings that continued unchecked for days Police fear the shooting may spark a wave of revenge killings among rival gangs. Refugees from the war-torn country brought accounts of mass killings, rape and torture.Idioms (informal) to make a lot of money quickly She made a killing on the stock market.