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    BrE BrE//ˈlændslaɪd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈlændslaɪd//
    Elections, Natural disasters
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  1. 1(also landfall) a mass of earth, rock, etc. that falls down the slope of a mountain or a cliff The house was buried beneath a landslide. see also landslip Wordfinderavalanche, cyclone, disaster, earthquake, eruption, flood, hurricane, landslide, tornado, tsunami See related entries: Natural disasters
  2. 2an election in which one person or party gets very many more votes than the other people or parties She was expected to win by a landslide. a landslide victory CollocationsVoting in electionsRunning for election conduct/​hold an election/​a referendum (especially North American English) run for office/​election/​governor/​mayor/​president/​the White House (especially British English) stand for election/​office/​Parliament/​the Labour Party/​a second term hold/​call/​contest a general/​national election launch/​run a presidential election campaign support/​back a candidate sway/​convince/​persuade voters/​the electorate appeal to/​attract/​woo/​target (North American English) swing voters/(British English) floating voters fix/​rig/​steal an election/​the voteVoting go to/​be turned away from (especially British English) a polling station/(North American English) a polling place cast a/​your vote/​ballot (for somebody) vote for the Conservative candidate/​the Democratic party mark/​spoil your ballot paper count (British English) the postal votes/(especially North American English) the absentee ballots go to/​be defeated at the ballot box get/​win/​receive/​lose votes get/​win (60% of) the popular/​black/​Hispanic/​Latino/​Muslim vote win the election/(in the US) the primaries/​a seat in Parliament/​a majority/​power lose an election/​the vote/​your majority/​your seat win/​come to power in a landslide (victory) (= with many more votes than any other party) elect/​re-elect somebody (as) mayor/​president/​an MP/​senator/​congressman/​congresswomanTaking power be sworn into office/​in as president take/​administer (in the US) the oath of office swear/​take (in the UK) an/​the oath of allegiance give/​deliver (in the US) the president’s inaugural address take/​enter/​hold/​leave office appoint somebody (as) ambassador/​governor/​judge/​minister form a government/​a cabinet serve two terms as prime minister/​in office See related entries: Elections
  3. Extra examples The National Party won by a landslide. The floods caused a landslide. The town was destroyed by a landslide. No one expected a repeat of Labour’s 1997 landslide victory.
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