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    BrE BrE//lɑːst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//læst//
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  1. 1  happening or coming after all other similar things or people We caught the last bus home. It's the last house on the left. She was last to arrive.
  2. 2  [only before noun] most recent last night/Tuesday/month/summer/year her last book This last point is crucial. The last time I saw him was in May.
  3. 3  [only before noun] only remaining synonym final This is our last bottle of water. He knew this was his last hope of winning. I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last person on earth!
  4. 4used to emphasize that somebody/something is the least likely or suitable The last thing she needed was more work. He's the last person I'd trust with a secret.
  5. Word Origindeterminer Old English latost (adverb) ‘after all others in a series’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch laatst, lest and German letzt, also to late. Extra examplesLast summer we went to Greece for a month. Shirley had a talk with her last Friday. The critics all hated her last book. This last point, that Hamish has mentioned, is crucial. Her last words were for her children. I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last person on earth! It took my last reserves of strength and will to swim to the lifeboat. It’s the last house on the left. She was hanging on to the last remaining shreds of her reputation. The museum is one of the last remnants of the 17th-century palace. The teacher gave her one last chance to prove she could behave. This is our last bottle of wine. This is the last call for passengers on Lufthansa flight 420 to Frankfurt.Idioms after a long time synonym finally At long last his prayers had been answered.
    be on your/its last legs
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    to be going to die or stop functioning very soon; to be very weak or in bad condition
    the day, week, month, etc. before last
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    the day, week, etc. just before the most recent one; two days, weeks, etc. ago I haven't seen him since the summer before last.
    every person or thing in a group We spent every last penny we had on the house. (saying) people sometimes say Famous last words!when they think somebody is being too confident about something that is going to happen ‘Everything's under control.’ ‘Famous last words!’ This phrase refers to a collection of quotations of the dying words of famous people. early in the morning/late in the evening I need the report on my desk first thing Monday morning. I took the dog for a walk last thing before going to bed. to be successful when you were not expected to be, making your opponents look stupid
    in the final/last analysis
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    used to say what is most important after everything has been discussed, or considered In the final analysis, it's a matter of personal choice.
    when there are no other possible courses of action synonym at a pinch In the last resort we can always walk home.
    his/her last/dying breath
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    the last moment of a person’s life
    the point at which you/something can no longer continue living, fighting, existing, etc. see also last-gasp the latest possible time before an important event They changed the plans at the last minute. Don't leave your decision to the last moment. the person or thing you rely on when everything else has failed I've tried everyone else and now you're my last resort.
    the last/final straw, the straw that breaks the camel’s back
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    the last in a series of bad events, etc. that makes it impossible for you to accept a situation any longer
    the last word (in something)
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    the most recent, fashionable, advanced, etc. thing These apartments are the last word in luxury.
    the last/final word (on something)
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    the last comment or decision about something He always has to have the last word in any argument. I’m willing to wait one more week, and that’s my final word on the subject.
    to a man, to the last man
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    used to emphasize that something is true of all the people being described They answered ‘Yes,’ to a man. They were all destroyed, to the last man.
    a week yesterday, last Monday, etc.
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     (especially British English) seven days before the day that you mention She started work a week yesterday.
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