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    BrE BrE//ˈlaɪn ʌp//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈlaɪn ʌp//
    [usually singular] Live music, Solving crime
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  1. 1the people who are going to take part in a particular event an impressive line-up of speakers Jones has not been included in the quarter-final line-up. the starting line-up (= the players who will begin the game)
  2. 2a set of items, events etc. arranged to follow one another synonym programme A horror movie completes this evening's TV line-up. See related entries: Live music
  3. 3(especially North American English) (British English also identification parade, informal identity parade) a row of people, including one person who is suspected of a crime, who are shown to a witness to see if he or she can recognize the criminal He was identified in an April 21 police line-up. See related entries: Solving crime
  4. Extra examples He was named in the starting line-up for the game against Chelsea. The team returns this season with a new car and a new line-up of drivers. Williams is expected to make up the semi-final line-up.

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