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    BrE BrE//lɒft//
    ; NAmE NAmE//lɔːft//
    , NAmE//lɑːft//
    Rooms in a house
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  1. 1(especially British English) a space just below the roof of a house, often used for storing things and sometimes made into a room a loft conversion (= one that has been made into a room or rooms for living in) compare attic, garret See related entries: Rooms in a house
  2. 2an upper level in a church, or a farm or factory building the organ loft
  3. 3a flat/apartment in a former factory, etc., that has been made suitable for living in They lived in a SoHo loft.
  4. 4(North American English) a part of a room that is on a higher level than the rest The children slept in a loft in the upstairs bedroom.
  5. Word Originlate Old English, from Old Norse lopt ‘air, sky, upper room’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lucht and German Luft.
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