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BrE BrE//ˈlɒri//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈlɔːri//
, NAmE//ˈlɑːri//
(British English) (pl. lorries) (also truck North American English, British English) Types of vehicle
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  • a large vehicle for carrying heavy loads by road a lorry driver Emergency food supplies were brought in by lorry. a lorry load of frozen fish See related entries: Types of vehicle
  • Word Originmid 19th cent.: perhaps from the given name Laurie.Extra examples A dozen people suffered minor injuries after a lorry jackknifed on an icy M62. Her husband was a long-distance lorry driver. The lorry had shed its load under the bridge. The motorway was closed by an overturned lorry. a lorry laden with hay a refrigerated lorry carrying beer lorries travelling to and from local quarries 150 lorry loads of steel were used. The lorry rumbled over the bridge.Idioms
    off the back of a lorry
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    (British English, informal, humorous) goods that fell off the back of a lorry were probably stolen. People say or accept that they came off the back of a lorry to avoid saying or asking where they really came from.