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    BrE BrE//lɒst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//lɔːst//
    , NAmE//lɑːst//
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  1. 1  unable to find your way; not knowing where you are We always get lost in London. We're completely lost.
  2. 2  that cannot be found or brought back I'm still looking for that lost file. Your cheque must have got lost in the post.
  3. 3  [usually before noun] that cannot be obtained; that cannot be found or created again The strike cost them thousands of pounds in lost business. She's trying to recapture her lost youth. He regretted the lost (= wasted) opportunity to apologize to her. the lost art of letter-writing
  4. 4  [not before noun] unable to deal successfully with a particular situation We would be lost without your help. I felt so lost after my mother died. He's a lost soul (= a person who does not seem to know what to do, and seems unhappy).
  5. 5  [not before noun] unable to understand something because it is too complicated They spoke so quickly I just got lost. Hang on a minute—I'm lost.
  6. see also lose
    Extra examples By this time we were completely lost. I felt lost without my watch. She looked rather lost and lonely, standing in a corner by herself. We got lost in the woods.Idioms there is still some hope of making a bad situation better All is not lost—we still haven’t tried the banks for a loan. to be so surprised, confused, etc. that you do not know what to say See related entries: Surprise to be giving all your attention to something so that you do not notice what is happening around you to be lost in thought to be not understood or noticed by somebody His jokes were completely lost on most of the students. to be giving all your attention to something so that you do not notice what is happening around you When he’s listening to music he’s lost to the world. (informal) a rude way of telling somebody to go away, or of refusing something Tell him to get lost. ‘Lend us the car, won’t you?’ ‘Get lost!’
    give somebody up for lost
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    (formal) to stop expecting to find somebody alive
    to do something quickly or very often because you wish you had started doing it sooner I’ll have to work hard now to make up for lost time.
    there’s little/no love lost between A and B
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    they do not like each other There's no love lost between her and her in-laws.
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