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BrE BrE//lʌŋ//
; NAmE NAmE//lʌŋ//
Internal anatomy
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either of the two organs in the chest that you use for breathing lung cancer (humorous) She has a fine pair of lungs! (= she can sing or shout loudly) See related entries: Internal anatomy Word OriginOld English lungen, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch long and German Lunge, from an Indo-European root shared by light ‘not heavy’.Extra examples Coughing clears the lungs of mucus. He had blood clots on the lung. Her lungs ached from the exertion. I let my lungs fill with the scented air. I opened the window and filled my lungs with cool fresh air. Lungs bursting, she flew across the finish line. The smoke was beginning to choke her lungs. The smoke was burning his lungs. These particles are breathed into the lungs. Water had entered his lungs and he was choking. Your heart and lungs have to work harder if you’re overweight. levels of carbon dioxide in the lungs
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