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BrE BrE//ˌmænɪˈfestəʊ//
; NAmE NAmE//ˌmænɪˈfestoʊ//
(pl. manifestos) Elections
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a written statement in which a group of people, especially a political party, explain their beliefs and say what they will do if they win an election an election manifesto the party manifesto See related entries: Elections Word Originmid 17th cent.: from Italian, from manifestare, from Latin, ‘make public’, from manifestus ‘obvious’. Wordfindercandidate, constituency, contest, democracy, election, majority, manifesto, poll, referendum, swing voteExtra examples Labour won the election on this manifesto. The manifesto promised reform of the social security system. The policy is outlined in the party’s election manifesto. We must all support the party manifesto. a manifesto for reform He always carried a copy of the Communist Manifesto. Their election manifesto will be published next week. They launched their manifesto at a conference in London. You should stick to the promises in your party manifesto.
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