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    BrE BrE//ˈmɑːkɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmɑːrkɪt//
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  1. 1  [countable] an occasion when people buy and sell goods; the open area or building where they meet to do this a fruit/flower/antiques market an indoor/a street market market stalls/traders We buy our fruit and vegetables at the market. Thursday is market day. a market town (= a town in Britain where a regular market is or was held) see also farmers’ market CulturemarketsMost people in Britain and the US now buy their fresh food in supermarkets rather than traditional markets. But markets are still important to the life of many cities and towns and in recent years farmers' markets, where local farmers and others sell produce (= fruit, vegetables, etc.) or home-made foods directly to the public, have grown in popularity.In Britain, most markets are held in the open air, in town squares or market places. They usually take place only on market day, the same day each week, and sometimes on Saturdays, and the stalls are put up for each occasion. Towns where markets have traditionally been held are called market towns. Many still have a market cross, indicating where the market was originally held, or an old market hall, a covered area open at the sides. Today, markets sell flowers, fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, clothes and household goods.Some towns and cities in Britain and the US have a covered or indoor market. These markets are usually open more days of the week than outdoor markets and operate more like shops. Markets that sell cheap second-hand goods, including clothes, jewellery and books are called flea markets. In the US, these are usually in buildings and open during normal shopping hours.The word market is sometimes used in American English to refer to any food shop. A hypermarket or superstore in both Britain and the US is a very large store or supermarket. See related entries: Types of stores
  2. 2  [singular] business or trade, or the amount of trade in a particular type of goods the world market in coffee They have increased their share of the market by 10%. the property/job market (= the number and type of houses, jobs, etc. that are available) They have cornered the market in sportswear (= sell the most). see also capital market Wordfinderboom, business, commerce, embargo, import, market, monopoly, sanction, tariff, trade CollocationsBusinessRunning a business buy/​acquire/​own/​sell a company/​firm/​franchise set up/​establish/​start/​start up/​launch a business/​company run/​operate a business/​company/​franchise head/​run a firm/​department/​team make/​secure/​win/​block a deal expand/​grow/​build the business boost/​increase investment/​spending/​sales/​turnover/​earnings/​exports/​trade increase/​expand production/​output/​sales boost/​maximize production/​productivity/​efficiency/​income/​revenue/​profit/​profitability achieve/​maintain/​sustain growth/​profitability cut/​reduce/​bring down/​lower/​slash costs/​prices announce/​impose/​make cuts/​cutbacksSales and marketing break into/​enter/​capture/​dominate the market gain/​grab/​take/​win/​boost/​lose market share find/​build/​create a market for something start/​launch an advertising/​a marketing campaign develop/​launch/​promote a product/​website create/​generate demand for your product attract/​get/​retain/​help customers/​clients drive/​generate/​boost/​increase demand/​sales beat/​keep ahead of/​out-think/​outperform the competition meet/​reach/​exceed/​miss sales targetsFinance draw up/​set/​present/​agree/​approve a budget keep to/​balance/​cut/​reduce/​slash the budget be/​come in below/​under/​over/​within budget generate income/​revenue/​profit/​funds/​business fund/​finance a campaign/​a venture/​an expansion/​spending/​a deficit provide/​raise/​allocate capital/​funds attract/​encourage investment/​investors recover/​recoup costs/​losses/​an investment get/​obtain/​offer somebody/​grant somebody credit/​a loan apply for/​raise/​secure/​arrange/​provide financeFailure lose business/​trade/​customers/​sales/​revenue accumulate/​accrue/​incur/​run up debts suffer/​sustain enormous/​heavy/​serious losses face cuts/​a deficit/​redundancy/​bankruptcy file for/ (North American English) enter/​avoid/​escape bankruptcy (British English) go into administration/​liquidation liquidate/​wind up a company survive/​weather a recession/​downturn propose/​seek/​block/​oppose a merger launch/​make/​accept/​defeat a takeover bid See related entries: Economy, Buying a home
  3. 3  [countable] a particular area, country or section of the population that might buy goods the Japanese market the global/domestic market See related entries: Economy
  4. 4  [singular] market (for something) the number of people who want to buy something synonym demand a growing/declining market for second-hand cars There's not much of a market for black and white televisions nowadays.
  5. 5(also the market) [singular] people who buy and sell goods in competition with each other The market will decide if the TV station has any future. a market-based/market-driven/market-led economy innovative products at the forefront of market trends see also black market, market forces
  6. 6[countable] = stock market the futures market a market crash
  7. There are many other compounds ending in market. You will find them at their place in the alphabet.
    Word OriginMiddle English, via Anglo-Norman French from Latin mercatus, from mercari ‘buy’, from merx, merc- ‘merchandise’. Extra examplesA relatively small group of collectors drives the art market. Both products are targeting the same market. Emerging markets in Asia and Latin America represent the best export opportunities for us. Giving away free toys is a popular way to tap the family market. Government attempts to manipulate currency markets tend to backfire. He believes oil stocks will outperform the market over the next 12 months. He believes that regulating the market is a good thing. I want to buy some fresh fish at the market. Lenders have flooded the market with easy credit. Markets evolve in response to consumer demands. Organic product lines have expanded from serving a small niche market. Rising mortgage rates will price some people out of the market. She buys her vegetables from the local farmers’ market. Single professionals with no children are a lucrative market. Some services cannot be left to the market. The Chinese market has opened up recently. The company has created a niche market for itself. The disks are designed for professional applications, rather than the consumer market. The government embraced Anglo-American style market reforms. The market closed weaker. The market demand for greener housing is growing. The market is held on Wednesdays. The market was down 15 per cent. The markets reacted quickly to the negative publicity. The organic food market is growing at 10% a year. The young, health-conscious female consumer is our target market. Their books were geared to a mass market. There is not a broad commercial market for these prints. They seem to have identified a gap in the market. They took the pigs to market. They’re hoping to get into the Far Eastern market. We will charge whatever the market will bear. a thriving market in second-hand cars an investor who knows how to play the market—and win changes in the UK market flooding the market with cheap foreign goods one of the best car deals on the market the completion of the European single market in 1992 the market for new cars to buy some fish at the market Every town here has its street market. It’s a busy market town. The jacket is designed for the Japanese market. The second-hand car market is declining. There has been a downturn in the property market. There’s not much of a market for black and white televisions nowadays. They have 20% of the world market in coffee. They produce innovative products at the forefront of market trends. They supply beef to the domestic market. Thursday is market day in Poitiers. We buy our fruit and vegetables at the market. We have increased our share of the market by 10%. We now have an unprotected, market-led economy. a flourishing black market in foreign currency a fruit market a market stall to buy/​sell goods on the black marketIdioms a situation in which there is a lot of a particular item for sale, so that prices are low and people buying have a choice
    in the market for something
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    interested in buying something I'm not in the market for a new car at the moment. See related entries: Buying a home
    available for people to buy to put your house on the market The house came on the market last year. There are hundreds of different brands on the market. available to buy without any restrictions to buy and sell stocks and shares in order to make a profit
    price yourself/something out of the market
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    to charge such a high price for your goods, services, etc. that nobody wants to buy them
    a situation in which people selling something have an advantage, because there is not a lot of a particular item for sale, and prices can be kept high In a seller’s market, demand exceeds supply, and prices are high.
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