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    BrE BrE//mæt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//mæt//
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  1. 1a small piece of thick carpet or strong material that is used to cover part of a floor Wipe your feet on the mat before you come in, please. see also bath mat, doormat, mouse mat See related entries: Furniture
  2. 2a piece of thick material such as rubber or plastic used especially in some sports for people to lie on or fall onto a judo/an exercise mat
  3. 3a small piece of plastic, wood or cloth used on a table for decoration or to protect the surface from heat or damage a beer mat see also table mat
  4. 4a thick mass of something that is stuck together a mat of hair see also matted
  5. Word Originnoun Old English m(e)att(e), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch mat and German Matte, from late Latin matta, from Phoenician.Extra examples The man unrolled his prayer mat. They hoped the country would put out a welcome mat for Western investment. a thick mat of hair the dense mat of roots at the bottom of the treeIdioms
    go to the mat (with somebody) (for somebody/something)
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    (North American English, informal) to support or defend somebody/something in an argument with somebody
    take somebody/something to the mat
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    (US English, informal) to get involved in an argument with somebody/something
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