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    BrE BrE//meɪz//
    ; NAmE NAmE//meɪz//
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  1. 1a system of paths separated by walls or hedges built in a park or garden, that is designed so that it is difficult to find your way through We got lost in the maze. (figurative) The building is a maze of corridors. The old city is a delightful maze for the modern tourist. compare labyrinth
  2. 2[usually singular] a large number of complicated rules or details that are difficult to understand Many applicants for the grant are put off by the maze of regulations and conditions. a maze of regulations
  3. 3(North American English) a printed puzzle in which you have to draw a line that shows a way through a complicated pattern of lines
  4. Word OriginMiddle English (denoting delirium or delusion): probably from the base of amaze, of which the verb is a shortening.Extra examples I followed him through a maze of narrow alleys. I was lost in a maze of passages. They did not have the expertise to navigate the bureaucratic maze required for certification. the famous hedge maze at Hampton Court
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