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    BrE BrE//ˈmiːdiə//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmiːdiə//
    Radio broadcasting
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  1. 1  the media [uncountable + singular or plural verb] the main ways that large numbers of people receive information and entertainment, that is television, radio, newspapers and the Internet the news/broadcasting/national media The trial was fully reported in the media. The media was/were accused of influencing the final decision. Any event attended by the actor received widespread media coverage. He became a media star for his part in the protests. see also mass media, new media See related entries: Radio broadcasting
  2. 2plural of medium More Like This Easily-confused plural/​singular forms bacteria/​bacterium, criteria/​criterion, data/​datum, media/​medium, phenomena/​phenomenon, strata/​stratumSee worksheet.
  3. Extra examplesMusic has been turned into a series of media events. One story has dominated the media this week. She’s very different from her media image. Some blame the media for propagating negative stereotypes. The company is anxious to play down the media hype. The event was widely covered by the mass media. The local media reported rioting across the country. The two gangsters were media darlings in the 60s. Their PR officer handles TV, radio, and print media interviews. There is a perception that the government controls the media. There was a lot of media coverage of the wedding. They believe that the media is biased against them. They broadcast streaming media to PCs. propaganda through the media
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