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    BrE BrE//ˈmiːtɪŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmiːtɪŋ//
    Business deals, Business meetings, Office life
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  1. 1  [countable] an occasion when people come together to discuss or decide something to have/hold/call/attend a meeting The meeting will be held in the school hall. a committee/staff meeting What time is the meeting? Helen will chair the meeting (= be in charge of it). I'll be in a meeting all morning—can you take my calls? a meeting of the United Nations Security Council The meeting was postponed. They rely on videoconferencing for virtual meetings. Wordfinderagenda, AGM, apology, brainstorming, breakout, the chair, committee, convene, meeting, the minutes See related entries: Business deals, Business meetings, Office life
  2. 2the meeting [singular] the people at a meeting The meeting voted to accept the pay offer.
  3. 3  [countable] a situation in which two or more people meet together, because they have arranged it or by chance synonym encounter At our first meeting I was nervous. It was a chance meeting that would change my life. He remembered their childhood meetings with nostalgia. The meeting of father and son after so long was a joyous occasion.
  4. 4[countable] (British English) a sports event or set of races, especially for horses an athletics meeting a race meeting The horse has won at all of his previous meetings this season.
  5. Extra examples He always spoke as if he were addressing a public meeting. He was summoned to a meeting with the head of the department. I had a chance meeting with an old friend last week. I have to chair a meeting tomorrow. I’m afraid Mrs Haley is in a meeting at the moment. It is unclear whether the meeting will go ahead as planned. It was decided at a planning meeting. Jay drove to the meeting spot. Management have called a joint meeting with staff and unions. One phone call was enough to get an initial meeting. Opposition has been expressed at community meetings. Our group meetings take place on Saturdays. She headed off to her budget meeting. She was a frequent invited speaker at professional meetings. The arts space serves as a meeting ground for professional artists. The chairman called the meeting to order. The chairman declared the meeting open. The chairperson opened the meeting. The committee has called a meeting to discuss the president’s death. The employees who run the meetings stick to a strict agenda. The meeting adjourned for coffee at eleven. The meeting broke up after a row over whether to allow cameras in. The meeting closed on a sour note. The meeting dragged into the early hours of the next day. The meeting expressed concern that the problem had still not been addressed. The meeting heard that two workers had been fired with no official reason given. The meeting heard that two workers had been sacked on the spot with no official reason given. The meeting never happened. The meeting seemed interminable. The meeting voted 423–133 for a strike. The meeting voted 423–133 in favour of a strike. The meetings focused on ways of cutting costs. The organization holds various regional meetings. The secretary circulated the minutes of the previous week’s meeting to all committee members. The society is holding its Annual General Meeting in the conference room next Monday. The students had a class meeting about cheating. These meetings produced a settlement agreement. They now have virtual meetings over the Internet. This meeting urges the company to reconsider its decision to close the factory. We called a mandatory meeting of our department heads this morning. We had an editorial meeting about it. We had endless meetings about the problem. We hold public meetings on this topic. a meeting about the plans for a new road a meeting aimed at restoring peace in the region a meeting between tutors and students a meeting for parents a meeting sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations a meeting with French officials an informal meeting among the members of the Press Agents Association both national and local chapter meetings his job as corporate meeting planner A meeting of the United Nations Security Council was called. Helen will chair the meeting. I’ll be in a meeting all morning—can you take my calls? The company’s annual general meeting will take place on the 5 June. a committee/​staff meetingIdioms a close understanding between people with similar ideas, especially when they meet to do something or meet for the first time a meeting of minds between the two artists
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