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    BrE BrE//ˈmɜːtʃənt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmɜːrtʃənt//
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  1. 1a person who buys and sells goods in large quantities, especially one who imports and exports goods builders’ merchants (= who sell supplies to the building trade) a coal/wine merchant Venice was once a city of rich merchants. see also squeegee merchant
  2. 2(British English, informal, disapproving) a person who likes a particular activity a speed merchant (= somebody who likes to drive fast) noise merchants (= for example, a band who make a lot of noise)
  3. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French marchant, based on Latin mercari ‘to trade’, from merx, merc- ‘merchandise’.Idioms
    prophet of doom, doom merchant
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    a person who predicts that things will go very badly The prophets of doom who said television would kill off the book were wrong.
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