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    BrE BrE//mɪst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//mɪst//
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  1. 1[uncountable, countable] a cloud of very small drops of water in the air just above the ground, that make it difficult to see The hills were shrouded in mist. Early morning mist patches will soon clear. The origins of the story are lost in the mists of time (= forgotten because it happened such a long time ago). (figurative) She gazed at the scene through a mist of tears. CollocationsThe weatherGood weather be bathed in/​bask in/​be blessed with/​enjoy bright/​brilliant/​glorious sunshine the sun shines/​warms something/​beats down (on something) the sunshine breaks/​streams through something fluffy/​wispy clouds drift across the sky a gentle/​light/​stiff/​cool/​warm/​sea breeze blows in/​comes in off the sea the snow crunches beneath/​under somebody’s feet/​bootsBad weather thick/​dark/​storm clouds form/​gather/​roll in/​cover the sky/​block out the sun the sky darkens/​turns black a fine mist hangs in the air a dense/​heavy/​thick fog rolls in the rain falls/​comes down (in buckets/​sheets)/pours down snow falls/​comes down/​covers something the wind blows/​whistles/​howls/​picks up/​whips through something/​sweeps across something strong/​gale-force winds blow/​gust (up to 80 mph) a storm is approaching/​is moving inland/​hits/​strikes/​rages thunder rolls/​rumbles/​sounds (forked/​sheet) lightning strikes/​hits/​flashes a (blinding/​snow) blizzard hits/​strikes/​blows/​rages a tornado touches down/​hits/​strikes/​destroys something/​rips through something forecast/​expect/​predict rain/​snow/​a category-four hurricane (North American English) pour (down)/ (British English) pour (down) with rain get caught in/​seek shelter from/​escape the rain be covered/​shrouded in mist/​a blanket of fog be in for/​brave/​shelter from a/​the storm hear rolling/​distant thunder be battered/​buffeted by strong winds (British English) be blowing a gale battle against/​brave the elementsThe weather improves the sun breaks through the clouds the sky clears/​brightens (up)/lightens (up) the clouds part/​clear the rain stops/​lets up/​holds off the wind dies down the storm passes the mist/​fog lifts/​clears compare fog see also misty See related entries: Sky
  2. 2[singular] a fine spray of liquid, for example from an aerosol can
  3. Word OriginOld English, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Greek omikhlē ‘mist, fog’.Extra examples A figure emerged from the mist. A fine mist floated over the fields. A grey mist floated towards us. A large figure loomed out of the mist. A white mist obscured the top of the hill. Early morning mist still clung to the hollows. It was hard to make out the path in the mist. Soon the sun would break through the mist. The cottage was scarcely visible through the mist. The harbour was covered in a thick mist. The little town had vanished in the mist. The mist had cleared by mid-morning. The origins of Morris dancing are lost in the mists of time. There was a red mist in front of his eyes. When the mist comes down it comes quickly and covers everything. a swirling mist a thin mist rising from the river an early morning mist She gazed at him through a mist of tears. The hills were shrouded in mist.
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