Definition of monitor noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  1. 1   a television screen used to show particular kinds of information; a screen that shows information from a computer The details of today's flights are displayed on the monitor. a PC with a 17-inch colour monitor see also VDU See related entries: Computer hardware, Film-making equipment, Watching TV
  2. 2a piece of equipment used to check or record something a heart monitor See related entries: Medical equipment
  3. 3a student in a school who performs special duties, such as helping the teacher See related entries: People in schools
  4. 4a person whose job is to check that something is done fairly and honestly, especially in a foreign country UN monitors declared the referendum fair.
  5. 5 a large tropical lizard (= a type of reptile) See related entries: Amphibians and reptiles
  6. Word Originearly 16th cent. (in sense (3)): from Latin, from monit- ‘warned’, from the verb monere. Sense (2) dates from the 1930s.Extra examples He was lying there hooked up to a heart monitor. The heart monitor shows the strength of your pulse. The security staff can see all the outside of the building on their CCTV monitors.
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