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    BrE BrE//məʊst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//moʊst//
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  1. 1  used to form the superlative of adjectives and adverbs of two or more syllables the most boring/beautiful part It was the people with the least money who gave most generously. When most is followed only by an adverb, the is not used:This reason is mentioned most frequently, butThis is the most frequently mentioned reason.
  2. 2  to the greatest degree What did you enjoy (the) most? It was what she wanted most of all. The is often left out in informal English.
  3. 3(formal) very; extremely; completely It was most kind of you to meet me. We shall most probably never meet again. This technique looks easy, but it most certainly is not.
  4. 4(North American English, informal) almost I go to the store most every day.
  5. Word OriginOld English māst, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch meest and German meist.
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