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    BrE BrE//ˈnætʃrəl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈnætʃrəl//
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    in nature
  1. 1  [only before noun] existing in nature; not made or caused by humans natural disasters the natural world (= of trees, rivers, animals and birds) a country’s natural resources (= its coal, oil, forests, etc.) wildlife in its natural habitat natural yogurt (= with no flavour added) My hair soon grew back to its natural colour (= after being dyed). The clothes are available in warm natural colours. compare supernatural
  2. expected
  3. 2  normal; as you would expect to die of natural causes (= not by violence, but normally, of old age) He thought social inequality was all part of the natural order of things. She was the natural choice for the job. compare unnatural
  4. behaviour
  5. 3  used to describe behaviour that is part of the character that a person or an animal was born with the natural agility of a cat the natural processes of language learning It's only natural to worry about your children. When body temperature is beginning to fall there is a natural tendency to fall asleep. It was my natural instinct to defend myself.
  6. ability
  7. 4  [only before noun] having an ability that you were born with He's a natural leader.
  8. relaxed
  9. 5relaxed and not pretending to be somebody/something different It's difficult to look natural when you're feeling nervous.
  10. parents/children
  11. 6[only before noun] (of parents or their children) related by blood His natural mother was unable to care for him so he was raised by an aunt.
  12. 7[only before noun] (old use or formal) (of a son or daughter) born to parents who are not married synonym illegitimate She was a natural daughter of King James II.
  13. based on human reason
  14. 8[only before noun] based on human reason alone natural justice/law
  15. in music
  16. 9 used after the name of a note to show that the note is neither sharp nor flat. The written symbol is (♮). B natural See related entries: Reading music
  17. Word OriginMiddle English (in the sense ‘having a certain status by birth’): from Old French, from Latin naturalis, from natura ‘birth, nature, quality’, from nat- ‘born’, from the verb nasci.Word Familynature nounnatural adjective (unnatural)naturally adverb (unnaturally)Extra examples All the materials are natural. It’s only natural that she should feel upset. Your highlights look really natural. completely natural materials Children have a natural desire for affection and security. Extreme shyness seemed to be part of her natural character. He thought inequality was all part of the natural order of things. He’s a natural rebel/​leader. His natural gifts as a preacher meant he was in great demand. Hunting is one of a cat’s natural instincts. I had a quite natural desire to hit him. It’s natural that he would want to see his own son. It’s only natural to worry about your children. It’s perfectly natural for you to feel annoyed. She has a natural ability with children. The man died of natural causes. They seemed to be the natural party of government. a country’s natural resources
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