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    BrE BrE//əbˈdʒektɪv//
    ; NAmE NAmE//əbˈdʒektɪv//
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  1. 1  something that you are trying to achieve synonym goal the main/primary/principal objective to meet/achieve your objectives You must set realistic aims and objectives for yourself. The main objective of this meeting is to give more information on our plans. Synonymstargetobjective goal object endThese are all words for something that you are trying to achieve.target a result that you try to achieve:Set yourself targets that you can reasonably hope to achieve. attainment targets in schoolsobjective (rather formal) something that you are trying to achieve:What is the main objective of this project?goal something that you hope to achieve:He continued to pursue his goal of becoming an actor.target, objective or goal?A target is usually officially recorded in some way, for example by an employer or by a government committee. It is often specific, and in the form of figures, such as number of sales or exam passes, or a date. People often set their own objectives: these are things that they wish to achieve, often as part of a project or a talk they are giving. Goals are often long-term, and relate to people’s life and career plans or the long-term plans of a company or organization.object the purpose of something; something that you plan to achieve:The object is to educate people about road safety.end something that you plan to achieve:He joined the society for political ends. That’s only OK if you believe that the end justifies the means(= bad methods of doing something are acceptable if the final result is good). End is usually used in the plural or in particular fixed expressions.Patterns to work towards a(n) target/​objective/​goal a(n) ambitious/​major/​long-term/​short-term/​future target/​objective/​goal economic/​financial/​business targets/​objectives/​goals to set/​agree on/​identify/​reach/​meet/​exceed a(n) target/​objective/​goal to achieve a(n) target/​objective/​goal/​end
  2. 2(also objective lens) (specialist) the lens in a telescope or microscope that is nearest to the object being looked at
  3. Word Originearly 17th cent.: from medieval Latin objectivus, from objectum ‘thing presented to the mind’, neuter past participle (used as a noun) of Latin obicere, from ob- ‘in the way of’ + jacere ‘to throw’.Extra examples The department needs more money to achieve its objectives. The legislation has failed to achieve its stated objectives. The party is radical in its objectives. The two groups are pursuing a common objective. We need to establish a clear objective. We succeeded in our prime objective of cutting costs. a set of agreed objectives I was afraid of failing to achieve my objectives. What is the main objective of this project?
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