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BrE BrE//ˈɒnslɔːt//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈɑːnslɔːt//
, NAmE//ˈɔːnslɔːt//
[countable, usually singular] Conflict
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a strong or violent attack onslaught (against/on somebody/something) the enemy onslaught on our military forces onslaught (of something) The town survives the onslaught of tourists every summer. an onslaught of abuse See related entries: Conflict Word Originearly 17th cent. (also in the form anslaight): from Middle Dutch aenslag, from aen ‘on’ + slag ‘blow’. The change in the ending was due to association with (now obsolete) slaught ‘slaughter’.Extra examples His approach was met with a vicious onslaught. She could not withstand such a sudden onslaught. She unleashed a verbal onslaught on her critics. The leadership launched an onslaught against Trotsky and his supporters. a renewed onslaught against the proposed bill the latest onslaught from the Russian team the relentless onslaught of modernism to face the verbal onslaught of an angry teenager He charged single-handedly into the enemy onslaught.
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