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    BrE BrE//pæd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//pæd//
    Cricket, Parts of animals
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    of soft material
  1. 1a thick piece of soft material that is used, for example, for absorbing liquid, cleaning or protecting something medicated cleansing pads for sensitive skin sanitary pads (= that a woman uses during her period) see also shoulder pad
  2. of paper
  3. 2a number of pieces of paper for writing or drawing on, that are fastened together at one edge a sketch/writing pad She always kept a pad and pencil by the phone. She doodled on a pad as she spoke. see also notepad, scratch pad
  4. of animal’s foot
  5. 3the soft part under the foot of a cat, dog, etc. A cat detects vibrations through the pads of its feet. See related entries: Parts of animals
  6. for cleaning
  7. 4a small piece of rough material used for cleaning pans, surfaces, etc. a scouring pad
  8. for spacecraft/helicopter
  9. 5a flat surface where a spacecraft or a helicopter takes off and lands helicopter landing pads Two booster rockets will power the shuttle off the pad. see also helipad, launch pad
  10. for protection
  11. 6[usually plural] a piece of thick material that you wear in some sports, for example football and cricket, to protect your legs, elbows, etc. See related entries: Cricket
  12. of water plants
  13. 7the large flat leaf of some water plants, especially the water lily floating lily pads
  14. flat/apartment
  15. 8[usually singular] (old-fashioned, informal) the place where somebody lives, especially a flat/apartment He moved back into his old bachelor pad.
  16. see also ink pad, keypad
    Word Originnoun mid 16th cent. (in the sense ‘bundle of straw to lie on’): the senses may not be of common origin; the meaning ‘underpart of an animal's foot’ is perhaps related to Low German pad ‘sole of the foot’; the history remains obscure.
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