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    BrE BrE//ˈpeɪnfl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈpeɪnfl//
    Embarrassment, Being ill
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  1. 1  causing you pain Is your back still painful? a painful death My ankle is still too painful to walk on. He took a painful blow on the shoulder. Synonymspainfulsore raw inflamed excruciating burning itchyThese words all describe something that causes you physical pain.painful causing you physical pain. Painful can describe a part of the body, illness, injury, treatment or death:Is your knee still painful? a series of painful injections a slow and painful deathsore (of a part of the body) painful and often red, especially because of infection or because a muscle has been used too much:a sore throat Their feet were sore after hours of walking.raw (of a part of the body) red and painful, for example because of an infection or because the skin has been damaged:The skin on her feet had been rubbed raw.inflamed (of a part of the body) painful, red and hot because of an infection or injury:The wound had become inflamed.excruciating extremely painful. Excruciating can describe feelings, treatments or death but not parts of the body:an excruciating throat/​back/​knee.burning painful and giving a feeling of being very hot:She felt a burning sensation in her throat.itchy giving an uncomfortable feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch; having this feeling:an itchy rash I feel itchy all over.Patterns sore/​inflamed/​itchy eyes raw/​inflamed/​itchy skin a painful/​an excruciating death a painful/​burning sensation excruciating/​burning pain See related entries: Being ill
  2. 2  painful (for somebody) (to do something) | painful (doing something) causing you to feel upset or embarrassed a painful experience/memory Their efforts were painful to watch. See related entries: Embarrassment, Being ill
  3. 3  unpleasant or difficult to do synonym trying Applying for jobs can be a long and painful process. See related entries: Being ill
  4. Extra examples The subject of his failed marriage was quite painful to him. Her ankle was still painful to walk on. I had to undergo a series of painful injections. Is your knee still painful? It was a slow and painful death. It’s very painful for a kid to face up to that kind of thing. Seeing her again brought back painful memories. The infection isn’t dangerous, but it’s very painful. Ulcers can be unbearably painful.
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