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    BrE BrE//ˈpɑːtnə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈpɑːrtnər//
    Marriage, Relations, Running a business, Business people, Romance, Job titles, Friends
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  1. 1  the person that you are married to or having a sexual relationship with Come to the New Year disco and bring your partner! a marriage partner Wordfinderaffair, date, go out with somebody, jealous, love, marriage, partner, passionate, relationship, romantic CollocationsMarriage and divorceRomance fall/​be (madly/​deeply/​hopelessly) in love (with somebody) be/​believe in/​fall in love at first sight be/​find true love/​the love of your life suffer (from) (the pains/​pangs of) unrequited love have/​feel/​show/​express great/​deep/​genuine affection for somebody/​something meet/​marry your husband/​wife/​partner/​fiancé/fiancée/​boyfriend/​girlfriend have/​go on a (blind) date be going out with/(especially North American English) dating a guy/​girl/​boy/​man/​woman move in with/​live with your boyfriend/​girlfriend/​partnerWeddings get/​be engaged/​married/​divorced arrange/​plan a wedding have a big wedding/​a honeymoon/​a happy marriage have/​enter into an arranged marriage call off/​cancel/​postpone your wedding invite somebody to/​go to/​attend a wedding/​a wedding ceremony/​a wedding reception conduct/​perform a wedding ceremony exchange rings/​wedding vows/​marriage vows congratulate/​toast/​raise a glass to the happy couple be/​go on honeymoon (with your wife/​husband) celebrate your first (wedding) anniversarySeparation and divorce be unfaithful to/(informal) cheat on your husband/​wife/​partner/​fiancé/fiancée/​boyfriend/​girlfriend have an affair (with somebody) break off/​end an engagement/​a relationship break up with/​split up with/ (informal) dump your boyfriend/​girlfriend separate from/​be separated from/​leave/​divorce your husband/​wife annul/​dissolve a marriage apply for/​ask for/​go through/​get a divorce get/​gain/​be awarded/​have/​lose custody of the children pay alimony/​child support (to your ex-wife/​husband) See related entries: Marriage, Relations, Romance, Friends
  2. 2  one of the people who owns a business and shares the profits, etc. a partner in a law firm a junior/senior partner see also sleeping partner See related entries: Running a business, Business people, Job titles
  3. 3  a person that you are doing an activity with, such as dancing or playing a game a dancing/tennis, etc. partner Wordfinderballet, ballroom, band, choreograph, dance, floor, folk dance, music, partner, step see also sparring partner
  4. 4  a country or an organization that has an agreement with another country a trading partner
  5. Word OriginMiddle English: alteration of parcener ‘partner, joint heir’, from Anglo-Norman French parcener, based on Latin partitio(n-) ‘partition’. The change in the first syllable was due to association with part.Extra examples AOL remains the company’s only online retail partner. All change partners for the next dance! Britain’s partner in the aeronautic project France’s principal trading partners He has recently been made a junior partner in the family business. He is a general partner in a consulting firm. He penned the script with his long-time writing partner. He was made a full partner in his father’s firm. I need a doubles partner for the table tennis tournament. Local government workers have been refused pensions for their unmarried partners. Most of those questioned said they wanted a steady partner for emotional support. People who have had multiple partners are more at risk from sexually transmitted diseases. She and her husband became limited partners in the team’s ownership. She was the dominant partner in the relationship. The government is technically a silent partner with almost no control over contractor spending. The old political sparring partners are now firm friends. The organization offers health benefits to the domestic partners of employees. The teacher asked the students to choose a partner for the next activity. They wanted to be seen as equal partners in the creative relationship. We are working with partner companies on wireless technologies. reasons for divorce such as having an abusive partner the choice of marriage partner Come to the New Year disco and bring your partner. My regular dancing partner has broken her ankle. This is my partner, Mark.
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