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persona non grata

BrE BrE//pɜːˌsəʊnə nɒn ˈɡrɑːtə//
; NAmE NAmE//pɜːrˌsoʊnə nɑːn ˈɡrɑːtə//
; BrE BrE//pɜːˌsəʊnə nəʊn ˈɡrɑːtə//
[uncountable] (from Latin)
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a person who is not welcome in a particular place because of something they have said or done, especially one who is told to leave a country by the government Their ambassador was declared persona non grata and forced to leave the country. Word OriginLatin, from persona (Latin, literally ‘mask, character played by an actor’) + non ‘not’ + grata, feminine of gratus ‘pleasing’.
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