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    BrE BrE//ˌpɜːsəˈnel//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˌpɜːrsəˈnel//
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  1. 1[plural] the people who work for an organization or one of the armed forces skilled personnel sales/technical/medical/security/military, etc. personnel
  2. 2[uncountable + singular or plural verb] the department in a company that deals with employing and training people synonym human resources the personnel department/manager She works in personnel. Personnel is/are currently reviewing pay scales.
  3. Word Originearly 19th cent.: from French (adjective used as a noun), contrasted with matériel ‘equipment or materials used in an organization or undertaking’.Extra examples Only authorized personnel have access to the computer system. The area was evacuated of all non-essential personnel. an employment agency for ex-service personnel firefighters and other rescue personnel groups of support personnel, engineers and medics police, fire and emergency medical personnel the functions accomplished by uniformed personnel the training of key health personnel Personnel is currently reviewing pay scales. The bomb killed 28 military personnel. There is a severe shortage of skilled personnel. They provide the training for technical personnel. the personnel department
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