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    BrE BrE//pəˈlaɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//pəˈlaɪt//
    (politer, politest) more polite and most polite are also common
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  1. 1  having or showing good manners and respect for the feelings of others synonym courteous Please be polite to our guests. We were all too polite to object. opposite impolite
  2. 2  socially correct but not always sincere I don't know how to make polite conversation. The performance was greeted with polite applause.
  3. 3[only before noun] from a class of society that believes it is better than others ‘Bum’ is not a word we use in polite company.
  4. Word Originlate Middle English (in the Latin sense): from Latin politus ‘polished, made smooth’, past participle of polire.Extra examples She was scrupulously polite to him. an overly polite smile If you just go and ask in a polite way, you might get what you want. In Western culture, it is polite to maintain eye contact during conversation. We all stood around making polite conversation.
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