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BrE BrE//ˈpresəpɪs//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈpresəpɪs//
Mountains and valleys
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a very steep side of a high cliff, mountain or rock (figurative) The country was now on the edge of a precipice (= very close to disaster). see also precipitous Wordfinderaltitude, foothill, mountain, peak, precipice, ridge, slope, summit, valley, volcano See related entries: Mountains and valleys Word Originlate 16th cent. (denoting a headlong fall): from French précipice or Latin praecipitium ‘abrupt descent’, from praeceps, praecip(it)- ‘steep, headlong’.Extra examples She paused on the edge of the precipice for a moment, then drew back. The car was almost forced off a precipice. teetering on the precipice of political anarchy
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