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    BrE BrE//ˈprɪkli//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈprɪkli//
    (pricklier, prickliest)
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  1. 1covered with prickles a prickly bush The hedgehog curled up in a prickly ball.
  2. 2causing you to feel as if your skin is touching something that is covered with prickles a prickly feeling The sweat made my skin feel all prickly.
  3. 3(informal) (of a person) easily annoyed or offended synonym touchy He can be very prickly. She’s still a bit prickly about the whole incident.
  4. 4(of a decision, an issue, etc.) difficult to deal with because people have very different ideas about it synonym thorny Let's move on to the prickly subject of taxation reform.
  5. Extra examples a rather prickly personality He could be very prickly with journalists. My remarks produced a prickly response from the Australian coach. She’s still a bit prickly about the whole incident. We were heading straight for a prickly bush.
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