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    BrE BrE//prəˈfesə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//prəˈfesər//
    (informal prof) (abbreviation Prof.) University people, Professions
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  1. 1  (especially British English) (North American English full professor) a university teacher of the highest rank Professor (Ann) Williams a chemistry professor to be appointed Professor of French at Cambridge He was made (a) professor at the age of 40. Full professor is used to describe a rank of university teacher, and not as a title. See related entries: University people, Professions
  2. 2  (North American English) a teacher at a university or college See related entries: University people
  3. compare assistant professor, associate professor
    Word Originlate Middle English: from Latin professor, from profess- ‘declared publicly’, from the verb profiteri, from pro- ‘before’ + fateri ‘confess’. Extra examplesI spent six months as a visiting professor at Brown University. Jennifer Bradbery, emerita professor/​professor emerita of surgery a research professor at the University of Southern California a respected law professor at a prestigious university an eminent professor of English He is a distinguished professor of law at the University of Illinois. He was made a professor at the age of 40. Professor Smith She is a former history professor. She was my professor when I was a grad student. The opening address will be given by Professor Montgomery, professor emeritus of microbiology at Birkbeck College. The report was written by two Harvard professors.
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