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BrE BrE//saɪˈkəʊsɪs//
; NAmE NAmE//saɪˈkoʊsɪs//
[countable, uncountable] (pl. psychoses
BrE BrE//saɪˈkəʊsiːz//
; NAmE NAmE//saɪˈkoʊsiːz//
Mental and emotional problems
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a serious mental illness that makes a person lose contact with reality see also psychotic Wordfinderanorexia, autism, bipolar disorder, condition, dementia, depression, mentally, paranoia, psychosis, schizophrenia See related entries: Mental and emotional problems Word Originmid 19th cent.: from Greek psukhōsis ‘animation’, from psukhoō ‘I give life to’, from psukhē ‘soul, mind’.
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