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    BrE BrE//pʊʃ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//pʊʃ//
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    using hands/arms/body
  1. 1  an act of pushing something/somebody She gave him a gentle push. The car won't start. Can you give it a push? At the push of a button (= very easily) he could get a whole list of names.
  2. of army
  3. 2  a large and determined military attack a final push against the enemy (figurative) The firm has begun a major push into the European market.
  4. effort
  5. 3  push for something a determined effort to achieve something The push for reform started in 2007.
  6. 4  encouragement to do something He wants to open his own business, but needs a push in the right direction to get him started.
  7. Word OriginMiddle English (as a verb): from Old French pousser, from Latin pulsare ‘to push, beat, pulse’ (see the verb pulse). The early sense was ‘exert force on’, giving rise later to ‘make a strenuous effort, endeavour’.Extra examples The company is making a strong push to expand its distribution. The machine washes and dries at the push of a button. There has been a big push for better public transport. There has been a big push for higher standards in schools. a push towards organic food the final push against the enemy The push for reform started in 1989.Idioms (British English, informal) used to say that something is possible, but only with difficulty We can provide accommodation for six people at a push.
      give somebody/get the push
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    1. 1(British English, informal) to dismiss somebody/to be dismissed from your job synonym fire (4) They gave him the push after only six weeks.
    2. 2(British English, informal) to end a romantic relationship with somebody; to be told that a romantic relationship with somebody is over He was devastated when his girlfriend gave him the push.
    when push comes to shove
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    (informal) when there is no other choice; when everything else has failed
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