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put on

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb Producing a play
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1to give somebody the telephone so that they can talk to the person at the other end Hi, Dad—can you put Nicky on?
  2. 2(usually used in the progressive tenses) (North American English, informal) to try to make somebody believe something that is not true, usually as a joke synonym have somebody on Oh, come on, you know I was only putting you on.
  1. 1  to dress yourself in something Hurry up! Put your coat on! opposite take somethingoff
  2. 2  to apply something to your skin, face, etc. She's just putting on her make-up.
  3. 3  to switch on a piece of equipment I'll put the kettle on for tea. She put on the brakes suddenly.
  4. 4  to make a tape, CD, DVD, etc. begin to play Do you mind if I put some music on? He put some jazz on the stereo.
  5. 5  to become heavier, especially by the amount mentioned synonym gain She looks like she's put on weight. He must have put on several kilos.
  6. 6(British English) to provide something specially The city is putting on extra buses during the summer.
  7. 7to produce or present a play, a show, etc. The local drama club is putting on ‘Macbeth’. See related entries: Producing a play
  8. 8 to pretend to have a particular feeling, quality, way of speaking, etc. He put on an American accent. I don't think she was hurt. She was just putting it on.

    put something on something

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  1. 1to add an amount of money or a tax to the cost of something The government has put ten pence on the price of twenty cigarettes.
  2. 2to bet money on something I've never put money on a horse. I put £5 on him to win.
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