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BrE BrE//kwest//
; NAmE NAmE//kwest//
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quest (for something) (formal or literary) a long search for something, especially for some quality such as happiness the quest for happiness/knowledge/truth He set off in quest of adventure. a quest narrative/novel/story Word Originlate Middle English: from Old French queste (noun), quester (verb), based on Latin quaerere ‘ask, seek’. See also inquest.Extra examples The team will continue its quest for Olympic gold this afternoon. We set off in quest of the perfect wedding dress. an important stage in their quest for truth her quest for a better life He is on an endless quest for knowledge. He set off in pursuit/​quest of adventure. The initiative aims to foster the province’s quest to reinforce its distinct cultural identity. This is an important stage in their quest for the truth. the quest for truth/​knowledge/​perfection to be on an endless/​a spiritual quest
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