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    BrE BrE//ˈresəpi//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈresəpi//
    Preparing food
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  1. 1recipe (for something) a set of instructions that tells you how to cook something and the ingredients (= items of food) you need for it a recipe for chicken soup vegetarian recipes a recipe book CollocationsCookingPreparing prepare a dish/​a meal/​a menu/​dinner/​the fish weigh out 100g/4oz of sugar/​the ingredients wash/​rinse the lettuce/​spinach/​watercress chop/​slice/​dice the carrots/​onions/​potatoes peel the carrots/​onion/​potatoes/​garlic/​orange grate a carrot/​the cheese/​some nutmeg remove/​discard the bones/​seeds/​skin blend/​combine/​mix (together) the flour and water/​all the ingredients beat/​whisk the cream/​eggs/​egg whites knead/​shape/​roll (out) the doughCooking heat the oil in a frying pan preheat/​heat the oven/(British English) the grill/(North American English) the broiler bring to (British English) the boil/(North American English) a boil stir constantly/​gently with a wooden spoon reduce the heat simmer gently for 20 minutes/​until reduced by half melt the butter/​chocolate/​cheese/​sugar brown the meat for 8–20 minutes drain the pasta/​the water from the pot/​in a colander mash the potatoes/​banana/​avocadoWays of cooking cook food/​fish/​meat/​rice/​pasta/​a Persian dish bake (a loaf of) bread/​a cake/(especially North American English) cookies/(British English) biscuits/​a pie/​potatoes/​fish/​scones/​muffins boil cabbage/​potatoes/​an egg/​water fry/​deep-fry/​stir-fry the chicken/​vegetables grill meat/​steak/​chicken/​sausages/​a hot dog roast potatoes/​peppers/​meat/​chicken/​lamb sauté garlic/​mushrooms/​onions/​potatoes/​vegetables steam rice/​vegetables/​spinach/​asparagus/​dumplings toast bread/​nuts microwave food/​popcorn/(British English) a ready mealServing serve in a glass/​on a bed of rice/​with potatoes arrange the slices on a plate/​in a layer carve the meat/​lamb/​chicken/​turkey dress/​toss a salad dress with/​drizzle with olive oil/​vinaigrette top with a slice of lemon/​a scoop of ice cream/​whipped cream/​syrup garnish with a sprig of parsley/​fresh basil leaves/​lemon wedges/​a slice of lime/​a twist of orange sprinkle with salt/​sugar/​herbs/​parsley/​freshly ground black pepper See related entries: Preparing food
  2. 2recipe for something a method or an idea that seems likely to have a particular result synonym formula His plans are a recipe for disaster. What's her recipe for success?
  3. Word Originlate Middle English: from Latin, literally ‘receive!’ (first used as an instruction in medical prescriptions), imperative of recipere.Extra examples Each month we feature easy low-fat recipes. He is credited with having discovered the first recipe for gin back in the 1600s. I enjoy trying out new recipes. I have a good recipe for fudge. I tried a new recipe and it was a great success. If you want the dish to turn out right you should follow the recipe. It’s the perfect recipe for business success. She always said that if a recipe calls for cream you shouldn’t use yogurt instead. That sounds like a sure-fire recipe for disaster. The ales are brewed to an original Yorkshire recipe. The basic recipe can be adapted by adding grated lemon peel. The dish is made to a traditional Italian recipe. The recipe contains lots of fat. The website offers cocktail recipes and tips. They talk and share their recipes. This is delicious—can you give me the recipe? This recipe can also be made with ricotta cheese. This recipe makes about thirty biscuits. This recipe serves four people. To live every day to the full is a recipe for happiness. Turning away under a strong attack is a sure recipe for defeat. Was there rum in the original recipe? a magazine filled with recipe ideas a recipe for leek soup
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