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    BrE BrE//rɪˈdʌkʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//rɪˈdʌkʃn//
    Cost and payment, Shopping in stores
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  1. 1  [countable, uncountable] reduction (in something) an act of making something less or smaller; the state of being made less or smaller a 33% reduction in the number of hospital beds available There has been some reduction in unemployment. a slight/significant/substantial/drastic reduction in costs The report recommends further reductions in air and noise emissions.
  2. 2  [countable] an amount of money by which something is made cheaper There are reductions for children sharing a room with two adults. Wordfinderbuy, discount, loyalty card, purchase, receipt, reduction, refund, short-change, store card, voucher See related entries: Cost and payment, Shopping in stores
  3. 3[countable] a copy of a photograph, map, picture, etc. that is made smaller than the original one opposite enlargement
  4. 4 [uncountable, countable] (chemistry) the fact of adding one or more electrons to a substance or of removing oxygen from a substance compare oxidation
  5. 5a sauce made by boiling a liquid until it becomes thick a red wine reduction a reduction of chicken stock, wine and cream
  6. Word Originlate Middle English (denoting the action of bringing back): from Old French, or from Latin reductio(n-), from reducere ‘bring back, restore’, from re- ‘back, again’ + ducere ‘bring, lead’. The sense development was broadly similar to that of reduce; senses (1) and(2) date from the late 17th cent.Extra examples A small percentage reduction in the cost of materials would mean a significant increase in profit. Asian elephants have experienced a 50% reduction in numbers over the last three generations. Every effort is made to secure the highest possible reduction in casualties. Figures just released show a steady reduction in levels of emissions over the last four years. Guests staying 14 nights will receive a 10% reduction. I asked for a reduction as the dress was damaged. I haven’t noticed any significant reduction in the performance of my car since switching to unleaded fuel. I welcome the reduction in road traffic fatalities. Our average margins dropped to 35%, which represents a reduction in gross margins of £109 million. Police said they had noticed a significant reduction in crime last year. She had a breast reduction last year. She proposed a reduction in the state president’s powers. The IMF claims to put poverty reduction at the heart of its policies. The budget forecasts a deficit reduction of 27%. The changes may result in a greater reduction in employee numbers than we had previously expected. The company has had a reduction in sales. The gas company has announced price reductions for all customers. The government has found it difficult to make real reductions in government spending. The result is a 75 to 80% size reduction. There has been a sharp reduction in the number of accidents on motorways. These simple changes will make a substantial reduction in the fat content of your diet. They are concerned about the reduction in numbers of people eligible for legal aid. They suffered a severe reduction in income. a 25% reduction on normal subscription rates a drug strategy which prioritizes harm reduction a reduction in the speed limit from 50 to 40 miles per hour a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions a sale with massive reductions on selected items economic growth through a reduction in interest rates reduction by 30% the government’s waste reduction targets the reduction in the number of hospital beds This year has seen a 33% reduction in the number of hospital beds available.
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