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    BrE BrE//ˌrefəˈriː//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˌrefəˈriː//
    Job interviews
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  1. 1(informal ref) the official who controls the game in some sports He was sent off for arguing with the referee. compare umpire
  2. 2(British English) a person who gives information about your character and ability, usually in a letter, for example when you are applying for a job The principal often acts as a referee for his students. See related entries: Job interviews
  3. 3a person who is asked to settle a disagreement to act as a referee between the parties involved
  4. 4a person who reads and checks the quality of a technical article before it is published
  5. Extra examples His former employer agreed to act as a referee for him. The referee awarded a free kick to the home team. The referee booked three players for offensive behaviour. an assistant referee flagged for a penalty decisions taken by the match referee my 20 years as a professional referee to act as referee between the parties involved All papers are sent out to external referees. Graham is a qualified football referee. The referee blew his whistle and called the foul.
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