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BrE BrE//ˈrestrɒnt//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈrestrɑːnt//
, NAmE//ˈrestərɑːnt//
Types of restaurant
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a place where you can buy and eat a meal an Italian restaurant We had a meal in a restaurant. We went out to a restaurant to celebrate. a restaurant owner a self-service restaurant CollocationsRestaurantsEating out eat (lunch/​dinner)/dine/​meet at/​in a restaurant go (out)/take somebody (out) for lunch/​dinner/​a meal have a meal with somebody make/​have a reservation (in/​under the name of Yamada) reserve/ (especially British English) book a table for six ask for/​request a table for two/​a table by the windowIn the restaurant wait to be seated show somebody to their table sit in the corner/​by the window/​at the bar/​at the counter hand somebody/​give somebody the menu/​wine list open/​read/​study/​peruse the menu the restaurant has a three-course set menu/​a children’s menu/​an extensive wine list taste/​sample/​try the wine the waiter takes your order order/​choose/​have the soup of the day/​one of the specials/​the house (British English) speciality/(especially North American English) specialty serve/​finish the first course/​the starter/​the main course/​dessert/​coffee complain about the food/​the service/​your meal enjoy your mealPaying pay/​ask for (especially British English) the bill/(North American English) the check pay for/​treat somebody to dinner/​lunch/​the meal service is (not) included give somebody/​leave (somebody) a tip compare cafe Wordfinderbinge, calorie, diet, digest, eat, fattening, food, meal, restaurant, taste Wordfinderà la carte, course, cuisine, menu, order, reservation, restaurant, service charge, speciality, waiter See related entries: Types of restaurant Word Originearly 19th cent.: from French, from restaurer ‘provide food for’ (literally ‘restore to a former state’).Extra examples If you’re too tired to cook, let’s go to a restaurant. It operates 79 restaurants in 26 states. Restaurant workers are often badly paid. She decided to open her own restaurant. She eats at the hotel restaurant when she travels on business. She frequented the restaurant on almost a weekly basis. She runs a family fish restaurant on the seafront. The hotel restaurant serves a buffet breakfast. They argued the whole time we were at the restaurant. They walked out of the restaurant without paying. We don’t do a lot of restaurant dining. We had a quick meal in a small local restaurant. We would recommend this restaurant to anyone. We’re going to try this Italian restaurant that just opened. a little restaurant I know in Paris a restaurant offering a wide variety of local specialities an Asian restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine hygiene standards in the restaurant industry some of the hottest restaurants in New York the country’s most successful chain restaurants the few local shops and restaurants catering to summer visitors the increasing cost of restaurant meals
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