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    BrE BrE//rɪˈzʌlt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//rɪˈzʌlt//
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    caused by something
  1. 1  [countable, uncountable] result (of something) a thing that is caused or produced because of something else She died as a result of her injuries. The failure of the company was a direct result of bad management. He made one big mistake, and, as a result, lost his job. The farm was flooded, with the result that most of the harvest was lost. The end result (= the final one) of her hard work was a place at medical school. This book is the result of 25 years of research. Synonymsresult consequence outcome repercussionThese are all words for a thing that is caused because of something else.result a thing that is caused or produced by something else:She died as a result of her injuries. This book is the result of 25 years of research.consequence (rather formal) a result of something that has happened, especially a bad result:This decision could have serious consequences for the industry. Consequences is used most frequently to talk about possible negative results of an action. It is commonly used with such words as adverse, dire, disastrous, fatal, harmful, negative, serious, tragic and unfortunate. Even when there is no adjective, consequences often suggests negative results. outcome the result of an action or process:We are waiting to hear the final outcome of the negotiations.result or outcome?Result is often used to talk about things that are caused directly by something else:Aggression is often the result of fear.Outcome is more often used to talk about what happens at the end of a process when the exact relation of cause and effect is less clear:Aggression is often the outcome of fear.Result is often used after an event to talk about what happened. Outcome is often used before an action or process to talk about what is likely to happen.repercussion (rather formal) an indirect and usually bad result of an action or event that may happen some time afterwards.Patterns to have consequences/​repercussions for somebody/​something with the result/​consequence/​outcome that… a(n)/the possible result/​consequences/​outcome/​repercussions a(n)/the likely/​inevitable result/​consequences/​outcome (a/​an) negative results/​consequences/​outcome/​repercussions far-reaching/​serious results/​consequences/​repercussions to have a result/​consequences/​an outcome/​repercussions Language Bankbecause ofExplaining reasons The number of people with diabetes is growing, partly because of an increase in levels of obesity. The number of overweight children has increased dramatically in recent years, largely as a result of changes in diet and lifestyle. The increase in childhood obesity is largely due to/the result of changes in lifestyle and diet over the last twenty years. Many obese children are bullied at school on account of their weight. Part of the problem with treating childhood obesity stems from the fact that parents do not always recognize that their children are obese. Childhood obesity may be caused by genetic factors, as well as environmental ones. Language BankconsequentlyDescribing the effect of something One consequence of changes in diet over recent years has been a dramatic increase in cases of childhood obesity. Many parents today do not have time to cook healthy meals for their children. Consequently/As a consequence, many children grow up eating too much junk food. Many children spend their free time watching TV instead of playing outside. As a result, more and more of them are becoming overweight. Last year junk food was banned in schools. The effect of this has been to create a black market in the playground, with pupils bringing sweets from home to sell to other pupils.
  2. of game/election
  3. 2  [countable] result (of something) the final score or the name of the winner in a sports event, competition, election, etc. They will announce the result of the vote tonight. the election results the football results
  4. 3[countable, usually singular] (British English, informal) a victory or a success, especially in a game of football (soccer ) We badly need to get a result from this match.
  5. of exam
  6. 4  [countable, usually plural] (British English) the mark/grade you get in an exam or in a number of exams Have you had your results yet? See related entries: Exams and assessment
  7. of test/research
  8. 5  [countable] result (of something) the information that you get from a scientific test or piece of research the result of an experiment Wordfinderanalysis, evaluate, evidence, experiment, hypothesis, laboratory, research, result, science, study CollocationsScientific researchTheory formulate/​advance a theory/​hypothesis build/​construct/​create/​develop a simple/​theoretical/​mathematical model develop/​establish/​provide/​use a theoretical/​conceptual framework advance/​argue/​develop the thesis that… explore an idea/​a concept/​a hypothesis make a prediction/​an inference base a prediction/​your calculations on something investigate/​evaluate/​accept/​challenge/​reject a theory/​hypothesis/​modelExperiment design an experiment/​a questionnaire/​a study/​a test do research/​an experiment/​an analysis make observations/​measurements/​calculations carry out/​conduct/​perform an experiment/​a test/​a longitudinal study/​observations/​clinical trials run an experiment/​a simulation/​clinical trials repeat an experiment/​a test/​an analysis replicate a study/​the results/​the findings observe/​study/​examine/​investigate/​assess a pattern/​a process/​a behaviour/(especially US English) a behavior fund/​support the research/​project/​study seek/​provide/​get/​secure funding for researchResults collect/​gather/​extract data/​information yield data/​evidence/​similar findings/​the same results analyse/​examine the data/​soil samples/​a specimen consider/​compare/​interpret the results/​findings fit the data/​model confirm/​support/​verify a prediction/​a hypothesis/​the results/​the findings prove a conjecture/​hypothesis/​theorem draw/​make/​reach the same conclusions read/​review the records/​literature describe/​report an experiment/​a study present/​publish/​summarize the results/​findings present/​publish/​read/​review/​cite a paper in a scientific journal See related entries: Experiments and research
  9. success
  10. 6  results [plural] things that are achieved successfully The project is beginning to show results. a coach who knows how to get results from his players
  11. Word Originlate Middle English (as a verb): from medieval Latin resultare ‘to result’, earlier in the sense ‘spring back’, from re- (expressing intensive force) + saltare (frequentative of salire ‘to jump’). The noun dates from the early 17th cent.Extra examples And did your intervention produce the desired result? Clinical results have been very encouraging. Companies are required by law to report their financial results on a quarterly basis. Different labs will come up with different results. For best results buy one of the more expensive brands. He aimed at influencing the result of the presidential elections. He expects to have final results later this year. He reviewed quarterly financial results. He wrote and directed the movie, to very mixed results. Her commitment to excellence yields results. Here’s how to get the best long-term results from your mutual funds. I haven’t had the X-ray results yet. If you can’t get satisfactory results on your own, remember that professional help is available. It was the predictable result of their negligence. Measurable results are the key to motivation on any diet. My interference had a rather unfortunate result. On March 4 the company announces its interim results. Parking restrictions were lifted, with the result that the road is permanently blocked by cars. Preliminary results suggest that there is no cause for concern. Researchers have found conflicting results on the effects of the drug. Sales were some 40% above this year’s expected results. Scientists tested 20 drugs, all with negative results. Such approaches may give misleading results. That could bias study results. The announcer read out the results. The announcer was reading out the football results. The company blamed the poor results on bad weather. The doctor is still waiting for my results. The end result is a great album. The final results saw Canada holding on to first over Italy. The overall result is impressive and persuasive. The results from various recent surveys were evaluated. The results provide many insights into the mating rituals of these animals. The study produced inconclusive results. The team has achieved promising results during testing. There are 3 ways to obtain more accurate results in cases such as this. These actions were taken as a direct result of the strike. These results differ somewhat from those reported by previous studies. These results highlight the growing threat posed by this infection. They hope to publish their results next month. This was not the result we had hoped to achieve. We found some puzzling results. We have yet to see any concrete results from the research. We ran the test again to verify the result. We’ll bring you the official results as soon as we get them. When I showed my customer the final result he was thrilled. When do you get your exam results? When is all your effort going to show some results? Work on the plan has been halted, pending the results of a judicial investigation. a series of disappointing financial results if a woman receives an abnormal result on a blood test statistically significant results the beneficial results of the reforms to the economy the first page of search results the inconclusive election result The end result of using this method is that learners leave the classroom discouraged. This was a great result for us.
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