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  1. 1  [uncountable, countable] an examination of something, with the intention of changing it if necessary the government’s review of its education policy The case is subject to judicial review. His parole application is up for review next week. The terms of the contract are under review. a pay/salary review a review body/date/panel
  2. 2  [countable, uncountable] a report in a newspaper or magazine, or on the Internet, television or radio, in which somebody gives their opinion of a book, play, film/movie, etc.; the act of writing this kind of report a book review the reviews (page) in the papers good/bad/mixed/rave reviews in the national press He submitted his latest novel for review. Wordfinderarticle, columnist, editorial, feature, headline, journalist, newspaper, obituary, review, supplement CollocationsLiteratureBeing a writer write/​publish literature/​poetry/​fiction/​a book/​a story/​a poem/​a novel/​a review/​an autobiography become a writer/​novelist/​playwright find/​have a publisher/​an agent have a new book out edit/​revise/​proofread a book/​text/​manuscript dedicate a book/​poem to…Plot, character and atmosphere construct/​create/​weave/​weave something into a complex narrative advance/​drive the plot introduce/​present the protagonist/​a character describe/​depict/​portray a character (as…)/(somebody as) a hero/​villain create an exciting/​a tense atmosphere build/​heighten the suspense/​tension evoke/​capture the pathos of the situation convey emotion/​an idea/​an impression/​a sense of… engage the reader seize/​capture/​grip the (reader’s) imagination arouse/​elicit emotion/​sympathy (in the reader) lack imagination/​emotion/​structure/​rhythmLanguage, style and imagery use/​employ language/​imagery/​humour/(especially US English) humor/​an image/​a symbol/​a metaphor/​a device use/​adopt/​develop a style/​technique be rich in/​be full of symbolism evoke images of…/a sense of…/a feeling of… create/​achieve an effect maintain/​lighten the tone introduce/​develop an idea/​a theme inspire a novel/​a poet/​somebody’s work/​somebody’s imaginationReading and criticism read an author/​somebody’s work/​fiction/​poetry/​a text/​a poem/​a novel/​a chapter/​a passage review a book/​a novel/​somebody’s work give something/​get/​have/​receive a good/​bad review be hailed (as)/be recognized as a masterpiece quote a(n) phrase/​line/​stanza/​passage/​author provoke/​spark discussion/​criticism study/​interpret/​understand a text/​passage translate somebody’s work/​a text/​a passage/​a novel/​a poem See related entries: Writing and publishing, Types of text, Film reviews and promotion, Showing films, TV shows, Journalism
  3. 3[countable] a report on a subject or on a series of events a review of customer complaints to publish a review of recent cancer research
  4. 4[countable] (formal) a ceremony that involves an official inspection of soldiers, etc. by an important visitor
  5. 5  [countable] (North American English) a lesson in which you look again at something you have studied, especially in order to prepare for an exam See related entries: Exams and assessment
  6. Word Originlate Middle English (as a noun denoting a formal inspection of military or naval forces): from obsolete French reveue, from revoir ‘see again’.Extra examples Did you see the review in ‘Phase’? Greenpeace will seek a judicial review if a full public enquiry is not held. His review appeared in yesterday’s paper. I’m doing a review for the local paper. The book received mixed reviews. The first chapter presents a critical review of the existing nursery education system. The matter is still under review. The rent is due for review. The show has good audience figures despite poor reviews in the press. Their new musical opened to glowing reviews. These rules will soon be up for review. a review by the court the government’s annual policy review we need to do the review for the test tomorrow. A formal performance review system was introduced five years ago. An official review concluded that help was not getting to those most in need. I always read the film reviews. I have my performance review tomorrow. I should have time for a quick review of my notes before the test. The case is subject to judicial review. The terms of the contract are under review. We’ll have time at the end of class for review. a pay/​salary review the government’s review of its education policy
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