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    on foot
  1. 1  [countable] an act of running; a period of time spent running or the distance that somebody runs I go for a run every morning. a five-mile run Catching sight of her he broke into a run (= started running). I decided to make a run for it (= to escape by running). She took the stairs at a run. see also fun run
  2. trip
  3. 2[countable] a trip by car, plane, boat, etc., especially a short one or one that is made regularly They took the car out for a run. see also milk run, rat run, school run (British English) This ferry operates on the Dover-Calais run. See related entries: Travelling by boat or ship
  4. of success/failure
  5. 3[countable] a period of something good or bad happening; a series of successes or failures synonym spell a run of good/bad luck Liverpool lost to Leeds, ending an unbeaten run of 18 games.
  6. of play/movie
  7. 4[countable] a series of performances of a play or film/movie The show had a record-breaking run in the London theatre.
  8. of product
  9. 5[countable] the amount of a product that a company decides to make at one time The first print run of 6 000 copies sold out.
  10. money
  11. 6[countable, usually singular] run on the dollar, pound, etc. a situation when many people sell dollars, etc. and the value of the money falls
  12. 7[countable, usually singular] run on a bank a situation when many people suddenly want to take their money out of a bank
  13. sudden demand
  14. 8[countable, usually singular] run on something a situation when many people suddenly want to buy something a run on the band’s latest CD
  15. way things happen
  16. 9[singular] the run of something the way things usually happen; the way things seem to be happening on a particular occasion In the normal run of things the only exercise he gets is climbing in and out of taxis. (British English) Wise scored in the 15th minute against the run of play (= although the other team had seemed more likely to score).
  17. in sports
  18. 10[countable] a sloping track used in skiing and some other sports a ski/toboggan, etc. run See related entries: Winter sports
  19. 11[countable] a point scored in the game of cricket or baseball Our team won by four runs. see also home run See related entries: Baseball, Cricket
  20. in election
  21. 12[singular] (North American English) an act of trying to get elected to public office He made an unsuccessful run for governor in 2008.
  22. for animals/birds
  23. 13[countable] (often in compounds) a confined area in which animals or birds are kept as pets or on a farm a chicken run See related entries: Animal farming
  24. in music
  25. 14 [countable] a series of notes sung or played quickly up or down the scale
  26. in card games
  27. 15[countable] a series of cards held by one player
  28. in tights/stockings
  29. 16[countable] (North American English) = ladder
  30. illness
  31. 17the runs [plural] (informal) = diarrhoea
  32. see also dry run, dummy run, trial run
    Word OriginOld English rinnan, irnan (verb), of Germanic origin, probably reinforced in Middle English by Old Norse rinna, renna. The current form with -u- in the present tense is first recorded in the 16th cent.Extra examples He’s only made four home runs all season. I usually eat breakfast on the run. I’m going on a fun run tomorrow. In the normal run of things the only exercise he gets is climbing in and out of taxis. Let’s go for a run before dinner. Manchester United have finally ended their run of victories. Our team is on 90 runs. Senator Blake’s run for the presidency She took the stairs at a run. She was very different from the general run of American movie stars. Spurs have had a winning run of ten games. The Ethiopian is aiming to produce his second record-breaking run of the week. The local council has organized a two-mile fun run for charity. The play had a long run in the West End. The prisoners have now been on the run for three days. The show has had its run extended till March. They play began its run last June. They’ve got another run! Villa scored in the 15th minute against the run of play. We went for a run in his new car. When he saw me he broke into a run. a print run of 20 000 a run of good/​bad luck The show is enjoying a record-breaking run at the Shaftesbury Theatre.Idioms
    the common, general, ordinary, usual run (of something)
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    the average type of something He was very different from the general run of movie stars.
    give somebody a (good) run for their money
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    to make somebody try very hard, using all their skill and effort, in order to beat you in a game or competition
    give somebody/get/have the run of something
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    to give somebody/get/have permission to make full use of something Her dogs have the run of the house.
    concerning a longer period in the future This measure inevitably means higher taxes in the long run. concerning the immediate future In the short run, unemployment may fall.
    1. 1trying to avoid being captured He's on the run from the police.
    2. 2(informal) continuously active and moving around I've been on the run all day and I'm exhausted. Here are some quick recipes for when you're eating on the run (= in a hurry).
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