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BrE BrE//ˈsæləri//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈsæləri//
(pl. salaries) Pay and conditions at work, Office life
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money that employees receive for doing their job, especially professional employees or people working in an office, usually paid every month an annual salary of $40 000 a 9% salary increase She's on a salary of £24 000. (British English) He gets a basic salary plus commission. (North American English) base salary compare wage Synonymsincomewage/​wages pay salary earningsThese are all words for money that a person earns or receives for their work.income money that a person receives for their work, or from investments or business:people on low incomeswage/​wages money that employees get for doing their job, usually paid every week:a weekly wage of £200pay money that employees earn for doing their job:The job offers good rates of pay.salary money that employees earn for doing their job, usually paid every month.wage, pay or salary?Pay is the most general of these three words. Employees who work in factories, etc. get their wages each week. Employees who work in offices or professional people such as teachers or doctors receive a salary that is paid each month, but is usually expressed as an annual figure.earnings money that a person earns from their work:a rise in average earnings for factory workersPatterns (a) high/​low/​basic income/​wage/​pay/​salary/​earnings to earn an income/​a wage/​your pay/​a salary to be on a(n) income/​wage/​salary of… Wordfinderbonus, commission, deduction, earn, overtime, pay, rise, salary, tax, wage See related entries: Pay and conditions at work, Office life Word OriginMiddle English: from Anglo-Norman French salarie, from Latin salarium, originally denoting a Roman soldier's allowance to buy salt, from sal ‘salt’.Extra examples He is entitled to one year of severance salary. It’s impossible to bring up a family on such a low salary. Mr Kerry continued to draw his salary during the time of his absence. She raised his salary to $36 000. The position is rewarded with a generous salary package. The salary cap will be set at $49.5 million. The school district gave teachers a 12% salary increase. The top salary awards are completely out of line with inflation. Top salaries are liable for a higher rate of tax. US tech workers command six-figure salaries. What salary band will I be on after two years in the company? Workers are being asked to take a cut in salary. Your pension will be based on a proportion of your final salary. She’s on a(n annual) salary of over $80 000.
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