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    BrE BrE//səˈnɑːriəʊ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//səˈnærioʊ//
    (pl. scenarios) Film reviews and promotion, Film plots
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  1. 1a description of how things might happen in the future Let me suggest a possible scenario. The worst-case scenario (= the worst possible thing that could happen) would be for the factory to be closed down. a nightmare scenario
  2. 2a written outline of what happens in a film/movie or play synonym synopsis Wordfinderactor, cameraman, cinema, dialogue, director, dub, film, location, scenario, sound effect Wordfinderdialogue, ending, flashback, plot, narrate, scenario, scene, storyline, tension, twist See related entries: Film reviews and promotion, Film plots
  3. Word Originlate 19th cent.: from Italian, from Latin scena ‘scene’.Extra examples In a worst-case scenario, the disease will reach epidemic proportions. Similar scenarios are playing out across the country. The more likely scenario is that interest rates will rise. The more likely scenario is that the president will resign and an election will be held. Under any of these scenarios, the company will run into debt. the scenario painted by some sections of the Western press
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