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    BrE BrE//ˈsaɪəns//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈsaɪəns//
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  1. 1  [uncountable] knowledge about the structure and behaviour of the natural and physical world, based on facts that you can prove, for example by experiments new developments in science and technology the advance of modern science the laws of science
  2. 2  [uncountable] the study of science science students/teachers/courses See related entries: Subjects and courses
  3. 3  [uncountable, countable] a particular branch of science to study one of the sciences compare art, humanity See related entries: Subjects and courses
  4. 4[singular] a system for organizing the knowledge about a particular subject, especially one concerned with aspects of human behaviour or society a science of international politics
  5. see also domestic science, earth science, life sciences, natural science, political science, rocket science, social science
    Word OriginMiddle English (denoting knowledge): from Old French, from Latin scientia, from scire ‘know’. Wordfinderanalysis, evaluate, evidence, experiment, hypothesis, laboratory, research, result, science, studyExtra examples His essay is not based on good science. His experiments have achieved notoriety in the world of science. I was trying to remember what I had learnt about gravity in school science. Meteorology is the science of the weather. Politics is as much an art form as an exact science. President Bill Clinton’s science adviser Research is critical to advancing medical science. The life sciences include biology and botany. The magazine contains a lot of popular science. The society provides advice on science policy. This rule is based on bad science. a writer of popular science books our ability to understand the science of environmental degradationIdioms
    blind somebody with science
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    to confuse somebody by using technical or complicated language that they do not understand
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